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Industry News

Virus reduces imported forest products to China

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in China, the importation of forest products has dropped by $750 million year-over-year during January and February 2020. 

Coronavirus Impact on Furniture and Closet Companies

The uncertainty of our present situation has made it very difficult for companies to make long-term estimates of how their businesses will recover. With these conditions being so unprecedented, companies in all sectors are having to make major changes to their business models to ensure they remain a viable business. 

Some great news!

These days, it feels rare to see good news but there is plenty of it out there and we want to make it accessible to you.

Whimsy Wood Puzzles, a small birchwood puzzle (like the one above) company in Phoenix, Arizona, has reported a significant increase in sales since the pandemic started. Prior to the quarantine, the company sold 3-4 puzzles on average but have now hit a personal record of selling 35 puzzles in a single day. 

This goes to show that small businesses are resilient and, with strategic planning, can thrive even in a time as uncertain as now. 

Throughout the history of our company, US Futaba has survived recessions and difficult times that threatened our business. But our community is always our priority and we stand with our customers through thick and thin. Read our response to COVID-19 here. 

Many have predictions of what life will look like after we are free to leave our houses and go about our lives. But there are some undeniably good things that have come out of this including:

  • The often murky canals of Venice, Italy have cleared up making them a much safer home for their wildlife inhabitants.
  • Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and many others fighting on the frontline of this crisis are finally receiving the attention and praise they deserve for their sacrifice. 
  • There’s been a rise in telemedicine making healthcare more accessible to those who didn’t have easy access before.
  • There has been a significant drop in harmful emissions in China being released into the air as a result of the economic slowdown.
  • With everyone working from home, we print less, drive less, use less plastic, shop less, and travel less, all of which have a positive impact on the environment. 

Launching New Products!

Barn Door 300mm Bar / 220mm Flush Handle Combo
Specs:  for door thickness 35-45mm

Barn Door Adjustable Stay Roller Floor Guide
Specs:  for door thickness 20-55mm

Barn Door Flush 220mm Handle Square Groove-Flat Back
Specs: for door thickness 35-55mm