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The Pier Review

Good morning valued customer,

We have a lot of great information in this edition from the International Maritime Organization’s new shipping requirements to the biggest industry event coming up in January.

IMO’s 2020 Deadline

Furniture shippers should brace themselves for increased costs and impacts on delivery times in 2020 as the International Maritime Organization has called for a reduction in sulfur emissions from ocean vessels starting January 1st. 

What’s the story?
IMO has set the Jan. 1 deadline for the global shipping fleet to either switch to more expensive fuel that’s 0.5% sulfur content by weight, install exhaust scrubbers if they choose to continue using the high-sulfur fuel, or convert to alternative fuels such as liquefied natural gas. 

No matter what choice is made, the change will likely cost $150-$400 more per shipment from Asia, depending on its destination.

What else is new?
2019 is winding down with weakening volumes in shipping vessels due in large part to the US-China trade war which continues to negatively impact American consumers, manufacturers, and supply chain jobs. 

2020 Kitchen Design Trends

Here at U.S. Futaba, we’re always staying up-to-date on the up and coming trends in design so that we can keep you in the know on what’s new. 

Trends may not be top of mind when you or your customers are designing a kitchen. You want classic styles that are going to look great for years to come because constantly renovating a kitchen every time there’s a new trend is not realistic. 

That is why we’re bringing you the kitchen design and color trends that have staying power:

Darker Neutral Cabinet Color

White has always been a go-to cabinet color but for 2020, there is the growing popularity of darker neutral colors in the blue, green, and grey color families. 

Brass Accents

Brass finishes have been appearing more and more on drawer pulls, faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware in a variety of finishes. 

Smart Storage

Kitchens serve multiple purposes, one of which is storage making custom storage solutions a popular trend for the year ahead. 

Wall & Base Cabinet Alternatives

With the increasing popularity of open shelving, there is really no surprise that homeowners are seeking new and different ways to store kitchen essentials besides your typical wall-hung and base cabinetry. You’ll see the rise of islands and stand-alone cupboards.

Why Attend?

This event is the industry’s largest trade show and a great way to see the latest product innovations from leading kitchen and bath brands like us.

Look for us at booth SL3271 in the South Hall, between Target Stone LLC and ECi Software Solutions, Inc. 

We will be exhibiting our partners, Repon and Fourwinds Product. Repon will be showing some current and new slides: Pilaster, Two-Way Travel, Easy-Down, and much more. Fourwinds will be showing their SQ18/CUBE18 (wall mounted open shelving system). 

Please contact me for additional information and any questions you may have.

Charlie Ferrall

Mobile: (757) 478-5587
Work: (757) 549-0036

Product Feature: Workstation Brackets

Workstation Brackets

1,000 Lb Load Capacity (per pair)

  • 1/8″ steel construction
  • Multiple 1/4″ mounting holes per side
  • Texture powder coat finish
  • Sizes 12″ x 18″ – 24″ x 29″ have a 3″ x 3″ (45° notch) to allow for a wall cleat and wiring
  • All sizes available in 4 colors: Almond, Black, Grey, and White