More than 30 Years of U.S. Futaba, Inc.

Many years of hard work and never ceasing efforts to supply you with the best in functional and decorative hardware have resulted in U. S. Futaba, Inc. growing to where we are today – a multi-location company with an ever-growing partner base – and worldwide suppliers who are the finest in their respective fields. Based on ever-changing market needs – our research never ends as we strive to make the best merchandise available to you under the motto of the company:


We thank you for your continued patronage and stand ready to be of service to you.

Company History

U.S. Futaba, Inc. serves the North American market for hardware distributors by providing quality product, consistent availability, and impressive customer service. In 1983, U.S. Futaba, Inc. began to source the world directly to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In its beginning, Charles Fournell made a committed effort to servicing the hardware industry of North America with a wide range of product categories. Not only this, he ensured an industry standard for quality of both functional and decorative hardware to his customers.

Since his passing in 2013, U.S. Futaba has continued to be managed by Charles’ family. His daughters, Jessica and Linda, continue to work with the company from our East and West coast offices. Along with that, his son-in- law, Stephen Ferrall, filled the shoes of Charles six years ago. In continuing Charles’ legacy, the family has upheld the company’s integrity in providing some of the most authentic customer service, a standard quality of vendor product, and available inventories.

Our strong and reliable vendor relationships have ensured an industry standard in quality. Through maintaining these relationships U.S. Futaba continues to bring product from numerous foreign suppliers right into the North American markets. For 36 years, U.S. Futaba, Inc. has been devoted to partnering with many brands related to functional and decorative hardware. Some of our vendors have remained with us since our first steps into the industry in 1983. In addition, we continue to seek out and open-up to vendors that demonstrate a quality product that shows promise in the North American market.

U.S. Futaba West

Our company’s headquarters is located in Santa Ana, CA, only 20 miles away from the Long Beach harbor, from which the majority of our merchandise for the west coast reaches the U.S. Local ‘Will Call’ orders are available for pickup 2 hours after order is entered into our system.

U.S. Futaba East

Established in 2000 the east coast warehouse, located in Chesapeake, VA, has become a critical component in our growth, and essential for the convenience of our east coast partners. From our Virginia location, we offer full service to our customer base east of the Mississippi, including sales, order processing, customer service, purchasing, and account centers. Local ‘Will Call’ orders are available for pickup 2 hours after order is entered into our system.

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