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Covid-19 Update

Dear Valued Customer, we hope this letter finds you well and does not evoke any panic. As of recent, the United States’ Government has encouraged and advises on strict isolation practices to reduce the spread within our country. Consequently, many organizations have taken the appropriate steps in abiding by this recommendation.

We at US Futaba, Inc. wanted to provide you with the reassurance that we will remain operating at this time.  Our company has few personnel in the offices and warehouses – well below the recommended amount of 10 per gathering – and they are each given their own amount of space in which to work.  Also, we have taken in to consideration our “higher risk” employees and provided them the means to work from their homes.  We end our days with wiping our desks down and continue to wash our hands when necessary. 

Our number one priority is providing our employees and their families the best chance in avoiding the virus while continuing to work.  Second, Futaba wants to continuously provide you with our quality service and product in a time of uncertainty.  This means we remain fully capable of maintaining our basic operations of customer service, shipping, receiving, and informing you on anything in relation to Futaba.

With that being said, our travel plans have been put on hold until further notice.  US Futaba, Inc., will not risk the health of our employees and those they are close too.  This does not mean we are unavailable by any means.  Our phone will continue to be answered to assist you or your customers.  We are prepared to explore other options of conferencing on more visual topics through live video calls and other means if necessary. 

Recently, we have had some delays in our overseas orders being manufactured and shipped to us.  We have informed all those that this may have an impact on and want to take this time to reassure you that we have no plans to cancel our deliveries on your orders.  With all of that being said, while we are not doing customer outreach and welcoming any visitors at this time, our business is not distracted and ready to provide you with the same service in this confusing time for the world.

If you need any updates on the progression of COVID-19 remain diligent on your information from the media, follow the WHO and CDC guidelines, and remain calm knowing you have one less thing to worry about knowing US Futaba, Inc. remains actively healthy and ready to service any and all of your needs.


Thanks and we wish you health and peace of mind,

Charlie V. Fournell-Ferrall
Marketing Coordinator
U.S. Futaba, Inc.
East Coast Office
757.478.5587 (Mobile)