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The Pier Review

Hi there!

Hope this newsletter finds you healthy, safe, and well. We have some exciting news in this issue from a new hire to our new 2021 catalogs and industry news.

But we first want to wish you and your family happy holidays. The holidays may be a little different this year but we believe that will make this joyous time of year even more special. We appreciate you and your loyalty to US Futaba and we look forward to serving you throughout the holiday season and into the new year. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at my email,

Our Holiday Schedule

US Futaba will be closed from Wednesday, December 23rd to Friday, December 25th to allow all of our wonderful employees the time off to enjoy the holidays with their families.

We will reopen on Monday, December 28th. We will then close Thursday, December 31st to Friday, January 1st to observe New Years’ and reopen Monday, January 4th.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our holiday schedule.

Our 2021 Catalog Is Now Available!

Our brand new online catalog is now available with pages upon pages of the quality products you’ve come to know and expect from US Futaba.
If you prefer to have a physical copy of the online catalog, simply fill out this form and we’ll mail you a copy!

Welcome our newest team member!
Delma Roman

Delma will be running our West Coast office in Santa Ana, CA as our new Branch Manager.

Delma has worked with us in the past and has a long-running history with the woodworking and hardware industries.

Delma says, “I’m excited to have this opportunity of coming back to US Futaba. My main goal is to keep employees and customers happy and satisfied because I believe that is the key to success amongst many other things. The knowledge and skills I have gained throughout the years will give me the ability to create ideas and solve problems.”

Industry News

Top 3 Emerging Trends Impacting the Woodworking Market

Technavio released a report analyzing the top 3 emerging trends that are driving the global woodworking machines market. They are as follows:

Automation in woodworking machinery
The emergence of smart machines in the woodworking industry help in reducing waste and increasing production efficiency. They also serve to make products that are more intricate but can still be priced affordably.

Increase in demand for prefabricated wood house
Consumers are increasingly demanding prefabricated wood houses, attracted to the energy-efficient nature. The Chinese government is also providing incentives to buildings that use wood in their construction.

Robotic woodworking machines
Innovations in technology have enabled robotics to achieve large volumes and cost-effective solutions for manufacturing wooden products. These advances in the robotic technology for woodworking machines has led to increased productivity and efficiency, resulting in mass production and driving market growth.

Top U.S. Woodworking States

What are the top U.S. states for the various woodworking industries? This map outlines information for cabinetry, residential furniture, contract/office furniture, architectural woodwork, store fixtures, windows and doors, flooring, wood containers and pallets, and engineered wood products manufacturing.

For additional information, check out the December 2020 FDMC Wood Industry Almanac.

Please contact me for additional information or any questions you may have.

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